Relocating to Atlanta

If you’ve done it, or even contemplated a move to a new home town….you’ll understand this!

Relocating a family is tough duty!

It’s a huge job, transplanting a whole family to a distant land, along with their furniture and life styles and pets. Relocating families, no matter how smart or experienced, no matter how many homes they’ve bought and sold, are babes-in-the-woods in a new home town. As the lovely old song from “The Music Man” required, “Ya Gotta Know the Territory!”

There are strict timing requirements and huge financial considerations, complicated by selling a home at the same time. And what about the family? “Can we make it comfortable for them? What about schools and recreation and hundreds of lesser detail? Can we transplant our wonderful life styles and interests successfully? Could we dare hope to make the next chapter a positive new adventure?” Apprehensions and concerns abound!

Our typical relocating family cannot possibly know new-town values and trends, nor are they likely to know of a trusted local expert who can guide them through this maze of uncharted new-town territory, considered essential to the process (although their sponsor may.)

Indeed, they are considered a “vulnerable class” of home buyers, along with first time home buyers, in fact. Relocations are considered among the most traumatic events in our lifetimes. That makes them totally dependent on finding that trusted local expert.

It’s practically a given that the trusted local expert will be a local real estate practitioner…one who’s experienced in the whole process and willing and able to fill that role. That includes access to the MLS and the entire buying process, an essential legal step.

That brings up this fact though; there may be one facet of previous relocation experience that might be really useful, and that’s in judging the quality of the local realty support experienced. Differences show to savvy buyers. In fact, many families have had bad experiences, or heard of them, and so approach new relationships cautiously.

Until our readers here found this website, many relocating families (and many sponsors!) will still not know there’s a completely different way to become a smarter home buyer, an ultimate level of home buyer support that doesn’t cost a penny more.

The bottom line is that it’s not our objective to sell buyers anything. It’s our objective to help thembuy what they need to buy by supporting wise buying decisions!