Buying a New Construction Home

When you are buying a home it is exciting to consider new construction. But many buyers start the process without proper preparation.

The critical thing? Remember the builder has a dedicated salesperson to represent them. Along with showing you the products the builder is offering, the salesperson has a couple of critical functions:

  • Make sure you buy a home from that builder
  • Work to sell the home for the highest price possible
  • Protect the interest of the builder
  • Sell you the most profitable upgrades possible

Understand that the building process takes time and involvement. It is not like buying a pair of socks where there is one decision and you are done. Buying a new home involves hundreds of questions and answers, and then many, many decisions. And this happens over time. Builders can typically take 4 to 5 months to complete a home.

Having your own professional advocate will help you:

  • Solve problems that arise during the build process
  • Give you unbiased advice about what plans, locations, elevations and finishes would give you the best resale potential
  • Purchase the home at the best price and terms
  • Understand the new construction process, start to finish